MOCK TRIAL: Red team falls to Kaleo Home School; black team beats St. Francis by 2 percent

Coach Wayne Strumpfer said a presiding judge having little knowledge of the evidence of the trial made it hard for Mock Trial’s black team during the third round of competition.

Both the red and black teams played prosecution at the Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse on Feb. 22.

(Read about the case and Round 1 and Round 2 results.)

Red Team (Prosecution)

The red team lost to Kaleo Home School, 219-233.

Strumpfer said the team lost a close match to a good team.

“The teams were evenly matched, and it could have gone either way,” Strumpfer said.

Strumpfer said the team has gotten better on objections and that junior Zane Jakobs’s pre-trial was at a professional level.

Black Team (Prosecution)

The black team competed against St. Francis High School, and won 155-148, a mere two percent.

Strumpfer said St. Francis is a “polished team.”

Strumpfer said the black team’s score was limited in part because the presiding judge did not know evidence.

“She didn’t follow our objections,” Strumpfer said. “It was disappointing, but it’s part of the Mock Trial competition.

“Sometimes we get judges who aren’t familiar with the program.”

Witness junior Jaelan Trapp received MVP from the other team, which fellow junior bailiff Shriya Nadgauda said was unusual.

“Usually witnesses don’t get MVP,” Nadgauda said. “He did really well on answering questions”

“(Trapp) is a very natural witness and never looks scripted,” Strumpfer said.

—By Ulises Barajas

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