POINT OF INTEREST: Mulch, new plants to be added to area in front of Latham Drive

Manson Tung
Procida Landscape, Inc., began working Feb. 9 to fill in this area  with plants and mulch.

On Feb. 9 Procida Landscape, Inc., began preparing the area behind room 3 and in front of Latham Drive for new plants and mulch.

According to maintenance assistant Sailendra Singh, the work will be completed in a week.

Sophomore Atsuo Chiu said he can’t wait for the new foliage.

“It’ll be so nice once that area has bark or something,” Chiu said.

“I’ve been at Country Day now for many years, and that area has always been bare.”

There are currently several deep pits being dug in preparation for a new irrigation system.

—By Manson Tung

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