POINT OF INTEREST: Valentine-themed Winter Ball to be Feb. 13 at Studio 817

(Photo used by permission of Emma Brown)
Seniors Adam Ketchum, Emma Brown, Jenny Kerbs, Gracie Strumpfer, Colby Conner, Julia Owaidat and Brad Petchauer gather for a group photo during prom at Studio 817, where Winter Ball will be held Saturday, Feb. 13 from 8-11 p.m.

The Winter Ball will be held on Feb. 13 from 8-11 p.m. at Studio 817 (817 16th St.).

Students can bring one guest, if approved by Patricia Jacobsen, dean of student life, by 3:25 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 12.

Winter Ball is free to members of the Cavalier Club. For non-members, tickets are on sale for $40 this week. Tickets will be $50 at the door.

The theme is a white winter with a Valentine’s twist, Student Body president Serajh Esmail said.

Student Council will decorate the venue with fake snow and pink hearts, according to sophomore class representative Jake Longoria.

To add to the Valentine’s Day theme, Student Council will have tables adorned with pink tablecloths along with Valentine’s themed cupcakes, Esmail said.

Senior Sydney Michel said she enjoyed the urban vibes of the venue during Prom last year.

According to Jacobsen, Student Council chose Studio 817 for this year’s Winter Ball since it was the same venue as last year’s Prom and it was affordable.

“We didn’t want to spend a lot on Winter Ball since we wanted to keep ticket prices low,” Jacobsen said.

There will be a DJ and a photo booth at the dance.

Students can find parking near the venue in residential parking for free, or park at a parking lot near Studio 817 that charges $5-10. Chaperones will walk students to their cars if necessary, Jacobsen said.

Chaperones for the dance will be Jacobsen, art teacher Patricia Kelly and chemistry teacher Joe Tellez.

POINT OF INTEREST: Valentine-themed Winter Ball to be Feb. 13 at Studio 817

(Photo used by permission of Adam Dean)
Juniors Daniel Hernreid, Adam Dean and Aidan Cunningham pose in the photo booth at prom last year, which was held at Studio 817.

—By Katia Dahmani

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