Juniors and their parents will get a preview of what’s ahead at College Counseling Night on Thursday, Sept. 3, at 7 p.m.

According to Jane Bauman, director of college counseling, she and college counselor Chris Kuipers will discuss the early steps to preparing for the college search and eventual college application.

Bauman and Kuipers will cover when and how to schedule standardized testing and suggest colleges to visit.

Most importantly, the college counselors will give the juniors and their parents reassurance.

“I think we’re going to give them a lot of reassurance that, because they’re already at Country Day, they’re on the way to being prepared for college,” Bauman said.

This is the second time this meeting has been held in the fall instead of the winter, Bauman said. The earlier scheduling is so parents can plan to make college trips during school breaks.

Bauman emphasized that it is “perfectly normal” for juniors to not yet have a clear of idea about what type of college they wish to attend.

“They are definitely still exploring,” she said. “They need to look at a variety of different kinds of schools to see what appeals to them and where they will fit well.”

The meeting, held in Matthews Library, will run until 8:30 p.m.

There will be a follow-up meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25, that will be more specifically about the college application.   

—By Zoë Bowlus

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