Medallion, Octagon, Student Council announce their new leaders

The Medallion, Octagon and Student Council have chosen their new leaders for the next school year.

On the Medallion, positions will remain mostly the same. Juniors Gracie Strumpfer and Aidan Galati will continue as co-editors-in-chief. Junior Jenny Kerbs will join them as a co-editor-in-chief.

“(Next year), we’ll step up our design,” Galati said. “Also, since it’s not a 50-year anniversary yearbook, we can focus on making it better looking.”

A new position, social media editor, will be filled by freshman Nina Dym. The position was created to make the yearbook more personal to each year, according to Dym.

“We know a lot of students use platforms such as Twitter and Instagram,” Dym said. “Our idea is that people will tweet and post photos on Instagram of memorable moments throughout the year, whether that’s during basketball season, on the class trips, Ancil Hoffman, etc. It’ll make people more interactive with the yearbook and get people excited.”

The Octagon has named juniors Manson Tung and Madison Judd as co-editors-in-chief of the print edition. Tung and Judd have been on the staff for three years and are both currently page editors.

Junior Zoë Bowlus, who has also been on the Octagon for three years, will be editor-in-chief of the online edition. Bowlus is currently the business manager and sports editor. She will remain sports editor next year as she assumes her new role.

“I think that (Tung, Judd and Bowlus) all have very different kinds of strengths which help a lot with the balance of the Octagon,” said senior Aishwarya Nadguada, current online editor-in-chief. “I think they’re all enthusiastic about it.

“Zoë is a very meticulous individual, and she is always on top of everything. She is also good at communicating with people, which is very important for the online.”

Judd, like Galati, wants to improve.

“(Our goal is) to have a theme color or topic for each issue,” she said.

Bowlus wants to have some more fun things on the Octagon’s website.

“For example, (adviser Patricia) Fels and I were looking at examples of award-winning websites and there was this thing called Song of the Week,” Bowlus said. “I want to do something where each staffer writes up something about a song.”

New officers ha ve been chosen for Student Council as well. Junior Serajh Esmail will be student body president, and juniors Jacob Sands and Jag Lally will share the vice-president position.

According to Esmail, Student Council will fundraise more next year. Student Council has also added a social media editor position, which will be filled by junior Julia Owaidat.

“(I’m) running the Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounts,” Owaidat said. “On Snapchat we’re going to put up videos of us setting things up. On Twitter we’ll be reminding people of things and advertising spirit things and sport events. Our goal is to get people pumped for stuff we do.”

At press time, The Glass Knife literary magazine’s positions had not yet been announced.

Previously published in the print edition on May 26, 2015, with one correction in italics.

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