Parents Susan and Doug Brown installed these neon-orange flags at the Munroe Street crosswalk on May 10.

Parents step in to make Munroe Street crosswalk safer

Neon-orange flags were placed on the crosswalk signs at Munroe Street and Latham Drive on Sunday, May 10, as a safety measure.

The flags  make pedestrians in the crosswalk more noticeable.

The flags were made and attached to the crosswalk signs by Susan and Doug Brown, parents of junior Emma and freshman Lily.

A pipe to hold the flags was connected to the crosswalk poles by bolts that wrapped around the poles. The bottom of the pipe is covered by a cap with holes, to allow water to drain out when it rains.

Susan Brown said she wanted a better way for students and faculty to cross Munroe more safely. She contacted the city’s Department of Traffic Engineering  to file a complaint in the spring. When she received no response to her complaint, she did something about the hazard.

“As can often be the case with city government, projects like this can take a long time to be established, so Doug and I thought it was time to get the ball rolling on improving safety in the mean time,” she said.

The Browns got the idea to use flags from a similar system in place at McKinley Park in East Sacramento, she said.

“The system by the park appeared to be something put together by a concerned citizen,” she said.

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