Prom to be held Saturday, April 25, at Studio 871

The Student Council has chosen vintage as the theme of Prom, which will be Saturday, April 25, 8-11 p.m..

The venue for the dance is Studio 871, also known as The Find (817 16th St., Sacramento).

“I think that the dance itself will be lots of fun, especially since The Find is really urb and has gotten really good reviews in the past,” junior Jag Lally, chair of communications on Student Council, said.

Tickets are currently $40 until Friday, April 17, but next week they will be $50, and then $60 at the door. Tickets can be purchased from Student Council adviser Patricia Jacobsen.

Although the theme is vintage, attendees aren’t expected to wear vintage clothes. Instead, Student Council will decorate Studio 871 with pink, white and navy-blue colors. G. Rossi Florist will also be providing decorations.

Professional pictures will not be taken at the dance, but the same tactic used during Winter Ball will be repeated. A tripod will be set up, and students taking the pictures will press the button themselves.

“Like a photo booth, the camera will allow them enough time to get into position,” Jake Sands, vice-president of the junior class, said.

There will also be props that students can use for the photographs, like wigs and hats.

Snacks, including cupcakes, pretzels, water and pink lemonade, will be served at the dance.

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