Mock Trial defeated in semi-finals by tough Elk Grove team

The Mock Trial team defeated Sheldon High School in the morning quarterfinal round on Feb. 28 but lost to defending champion Elk Grove High School in the semis that afternoon.

Junior Emma Brown, an attorney, attributed the Sheldon win to being well prepared.

“Every attorney had their questions memorized, and so they were able to really focus on being in the present (and) not relying on a script,” she said. “We all had good responses when we objected and when the other team objected to our questions.”

Sophomore Zane Jakobs, a witness, agreed.

“We were really well prepared and knew our stuff,” he said.

The semi-final loss was against Elk Grove’s blue team. Country Day had lost to Elk Grove’s gold team on Feb. 18 by only 10 points.

“Elk Grove is just pretty ruthless,” sophomore Jaelan Trapp, who played as a witness, said.

“We were good, but Elk Grove was perfect,” Jakobs said.

Brown said that the trial against Elk Grove was the best they’ve had so far.

“I don’t think we could have done that much more to do better,” she said. “Their witnesses were really good at getting around our cross questions to trip us up.

“Elk Grove is always really hard to go against because they can be kind of intimidating with the way they speak. We were able to hold our ground when they tried to mess us up with their objections or witnesses or questions.”

There will be a consolation round at the US District Court on Monday, March 2, at 4:45 p.m against Kaleo Home School. Last year Kaleo beat SCDS in this round, which determines third and fourth places.


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