Mock Trial team beats Natomas Charter, qualifies for quarterfinals

The Mock Trial team, representing the defendant, defeated Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep Charter High School on Feb. 25.

This was their fourth round of competition.

Country Day received 51 percent of the points.

Junior Emma Brown, an attorney, attributed the win to memorizing their roles and being confident.

“The judges really don’t like when attorneys have notes,” she said. “Also when you have your questions memorized, you feel more confident with your questioning.”

Sophomore Zane Jakobs agreed.

“I think we were very well prepared,” he said. “Our attorneys were always a step ahead of the game. Our witnesses were really in character.”

“The other team did a very nice job,” sophomore Jaelan Trapp said. “But I think some of their witnesses fell short.”

Brown agreed with Trapp.

“NP3 was a really good team,” she said. “They did a really nice job of responding to objections most of the time, and they also had most of their questions memorized.

“They were a good match for us to go up against. Their witnesses weren’t as strong as ours, but they were still good.”

With this win, the Mock Trial team continues onto the quarterfinals.

“As of right now we’re about 50 percent as good as we should be and need to be,” senior George Cvetich said. “Unless we make up at least 25 percent of that, we will be lucky to win quarterfinals.

“If we don’t improve by 50 percent, we will be dominated by either Rio or Elk Grove. We got lucky in the last trial.”

The quarterfinal round will be Saturday, Feb. 28, at 9 a.m at the GDS Courthouse against Sheldon High School.

If the team wins that round, they will continue to the semifinal round on Feb. 28 at 1 p.m at the GDS Courthouse.

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