The Mock Trial prosecution team prepares to present the MVP award to Laguna Creek's expert witness.

Mock Trial scores decisive victory over Laguna Creek in third round of competition

The Mock Trial team, playing prosecution, defeated Laguna Creek High School in its most decisive victory to date, Feb. 23.

This was their third round of competition.

Country Day received 57% of the points, the final score being 262-197

Junior Emma Belliveau, an attorney, received the MVP award from the other team.

Senior George Cvetich, who was an attorney with Belliveau, attributed the win to the team being confident.

“We spoke well (and) kept our answers concise,” he said. “We thought we won because we were strong overall. Each person was in the moment.”

Sophomore Zane Jakobs agreed.

“I think we were just overall very good,” Jakobs said. “We knew what we were doing, and everybody knew exactly what they were supposed to do, and carried it out.”

“I think one of our strongest areas was our questioning,” junior Emma Brown said. “The attorneys had their questions memorized and were able to focus on how they were presenting them during trial.”

Although the team won, Cvetich still believes there is room for improvement.

“We still need to improve on our objections and be more aggressive,” he said.

Round 4 will be Wednesday, Feb. 25, at 6 p.m.

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