Student Council uses leftover funds to bring taco truck after finals

The Tres Hermanos taco truck that visited campus on Jan. 22 after the last final exam was financed by the Student Council, according to Patricia Jacobsen, dean of student life.

The taco truck served food to teachers and high schoolers, and towards the end Brooke Wells, head of high school, allowed middle schoolers to have some.

“I was looking forward to the taco truck after finals,” freshman Yasmin Gupta said. “I ate several tacos with beef, lettuce, tomatoes and chips on the side.

“I really liked how they cooked the food in front of us and we could choose the amount and which toppings we wanted.”

This isn’t the first time Student Council provided lunch this year.

The Council also sponsored a barbecue on Rocktoberfest with burgers and quesadillas cooked by Wells.

Jacobsen said that Student Council paid for the truck with leftover money they raised through fundraisers and dances, including car washes that they used to hold before the drought.

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