Vice chancellor for student affairs at UC Berkeley to visit SCDS

Harry Le Grande, vice chancellor for student affairs at UC Berkeley, will visit SCDS on Thursday, Jan. 29.

College counselor Jane Bauman was put into contact with Le Grande through Abdul Esmail, father of junior Serajh.

Serajh, along with other student ambassadors, will show Le Grande around the school, taking him to visit classrooms.

Afterwards, the vice chancellor will address the high-school students for 30-45 minutes.

Bauman says that Le Grande will likely be speaking exclusively about UC Berkeley.

“He’s a good speaker and an affable person,” Bauman said. “I think he’ll be talking about innovations and opportunities at UC Berkeley.”

“​I will focus primarily on UC Berkeley and briefly speak about the UC system,” Le Grande said in an email. “I will also talk briefly about my own college experience from many years and how that has shaped who I am today.​  If I have time, I may touch on financial aid, (and) cash for college as these are definitely topics that are probably of interest to students and families.”

Attendance is mandatory for juniors and seniors, while freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to attend.

As high-school students of different grades will likely attend, Bauman said that Le Grande’s speech will have to be addressed to students of all grades.

“When you’re addressing the seniors, they’ve already applied, so you’re influencing students (who may have) already applied to Berkeley to go there,” Bauman said.

He’ll (also) be addressing juniors who may apply there and freshmen and sophomores (in the same boat),” Bauman said.

Bauman also said that Le Grande will hold a Q&A session for students.

Le Grande will also be given questions that students submitted earlier.

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