The big storm in New York City is projected to bring up to 2-3 feet of snow.

‘Historic blizzard’ turns into just a snowstorm for alum at New York University

Ryan Ho, ’14, a freshman at New York University, discusses his experience with the first major storm to hit New York City since he entered college. 
On Tuesday, Jan. 27, Ho wrote:
NYC was definitely spared from the “historic blizzard”! I noticed how it had stopped snowing so much, and this morning when I woke up, the streets were not piled up with 2 feet of snow as projected. It was more like a couple inches (maybe 3-4?). I mean, there’s definitely snow, and the wind was still pretty strong, and it’s currently snowing again, but it’s not a white-out blizzard. Plowers had been at work, and people were salting the sidewalks.
Nevertheless, walking around in snow was still a challenge for my sneakers, as some sidewalks were still caked with snow. However, the travel ban had been lifted, and the subway is starting up again (apparently the New York Times said that it was the first time the MTA subway system shut down due to snow). Not too many people on the streets at the moment.
School is still canceled (yay), but I thought it was pretty cool how the cafeteria was giving out free breakfast to the maintenance workers and security guards who were working (I’m not sure if this is a unprecedented thing or a normal thing during a snowstorm; I was just surprised to find so many non-students in the cafeteria).
It’s cold, though. Some students were worried about the flooding that comes after the snow melts, saying how Greenwich Village was “Zone A” for flooding, but I don’t know much about it as of now.
On Monday, Jan. 26, Ho wrote: 
Obviously this is a completely novel experience for me. On one hand, I’m estatic to see actual snow falling out of the sky and that everything is covered in a thin (well, so far anyway) layer of white. I actually stood looking out my window for quite some time because the snow scene is so cool to me.
But on the other hand, walking in it has been pretty annoying. I also regret putting off buying snow boots, as walking in sneakers wasn’t the best idea. Aside from it getting wet easily, I almost slipped a couple times on black ice and whatnot. I have to walk very carefully and slowly, ha ha!
It started snowing hard around noon and hasn’t really stopped. The wind made it worse, especially when you’re walking into it because the snow flies into your eyes and your hood. The stores are packed! I didn’t go into one myself, but I’ve passed by some, and the lines were long and went outside the stores, so basically people were waiting in the snow to get into Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc. (I heard the wait was like 20 minutes outside of Whole Foods.) Students were stocking up on food and snacks, and I feel like I should as well but I didn’t—I’m sure I’ll learn my lesson soon enough, though.
The snow plows are out, people are salting and raking the sidewalks, but the snow just keeps piling on.
Even though school just started today, classes after 4 p.m. were cancelled, and so is school for tomorrow. The subway and bus system are shutting down tonight and possibly early tomorrow morning. The streets were so empty by 5 p.m. It’s all very eye-opening. I don’t feel scared in any way yet simply because I’ve never experienced anything like this, but it’s definitely a big deal.


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