Freshmen Jayce McCain and Nicholas No and sophomore David Boley admire the new trophy case.

Owaidat family donates funds for new trophy cases

New trophy cases were installed in the gym towards the end of the week of Dec. 1 and the beginning of the week of Dec. 8.

The Owaidat family donated the money for the trophy cases and chose the design.

“My dad hated how the old trophy cases looked,” junior Julia Owaidat said. “He said people would just walk by and not notice our school’s great athletic achievements.”

The cases have pre-installed lights and include four doors with shelves filled with trophies.

The school employed a craft business to assemble the case.

Many people have already noticed the new cases.

“I really like how we can finally see all the trophies that we have earned,” freshman Yasmin Gupta said. “I was unaware that we had that many.”

“The trophy case are kind of showy, which could be taken in the wrong way,” junior Jenny Kerbs said.

“But for the first time I actually found myself looking at the trophies that we have won.”

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