Friday’s annual Chalk Mural will feature art of Betty LaDuke

The annual Chalk Mural will be created on Friday, Oct. 17. This year’s mural features the art of Betty LaDuke.

“She (Betty LaDuke) has artwork depicting people and scenes from several different countries,” senior Anna Wiley said. “She also uses a lot of bright colors, so I think it will look good in chalk.”

Each square of sidewalk has a squaremaster. Everyone in AP Studio Art is a squaremaster, as well as some students in Advanced Studio Art.

However, everyone in the high school can participate the mural.

“My favorite thing about the Chalk Mural, in general, is that anyone can come work on it during their free periods or if they can get out of class,” Wiley said. “It’s great to get help from people who aren’t in art.”

Senior Erin Reddy agreed.

“(My favorite thing is) spending an entire day outside working on (it) with the whole school taking part,” Reddy said.

Art students have already begun preparing for the mural.

“We have already cut out paper squares to the size of our sidewalk square,” squaremaster Reddy said. “Some people have already transferred the image outline onto their paper.”

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