Marco Dias plunges his fists into the splash tank.

Six faculty kids enter pre-K

Six faculty kids have entered SCDS’s pre-K: head of high school Brooke Wells’s daughter Sophia, biology teacher Kellie Whited and middle-school science teacher Doug Whited’s son Sean, math teacher Patricia Jacobsen’s son Marco, math teacher Chris Millsback’s son Caden and fourth-grade teacher Pamela Livesey’s twins, Courtney and Taber.

Sean Whited

Seann Whited went to Mignon’s Montessori Preschool last year.

The Whiteds decided to send Sean and his brother, first grader Jackson,  to SCDS because of the incredible programs for the arts.

It is likely that the Whited brothers will be lifers, because their parents don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

“I love getting stolen glances into their school day,” Whited said. “It is very special.”

“It’s so fun at drop-off,” Whited said. “All of the faculty families are like one big family. Some of our kids have grown up together.”


Shawn Whited rushes down a slide to escape from Caden Millsback in a game of tag.
Photo by Sonja Hansen
Sean Whited rushes down a slide to escape from Caden Millsback in a game of tag.

Marco Dias

Marco Diaz went to Mignon’s Montessori Preschool as well.

One of the reasons why Jacobsen enrolled Marco was the amazing experiences her daughter, third grader Kaitlyn, has received.

Jacobsen loves running into her kids during the school day and giving them high-fives or hugs.

“When we get in the car to go home, both kids talk about what they did in school that day,” Jacobsen said. “It’s so amazing to hear all the cool activities they get to do.”

Jacobsen is optimistic that both her kids will be lifers.

So far, Jacobsen doesn’t notice any difference between the faculty kids and the other students, but expects that things will be more interesting for her and the other faculty parents when the class comes to high school.

Sophia Wells

Sophia Wells attended Shalom School last year. Shalom School is a Jewish school that has an excellent early childhood education program, according to Wells.

One of the key factors that influenced the Wellses’ choice to send Sophia to Country Day was the combination of music and art.

“If we’re still in California, I think that she will be a lifer,” Wells said. “But it’s kind of hard to plan that far ahead.”

Wells believes that having so many faculty kids in one class is great for the school and the students.

Sofia Wells plays kitchen with her new friends.
Photo by Sonja Hansen
Sophia Wells plays kitchen with her new friends.

Caden Millsback

Caden Millsback had private in-home daycare.

“We are sending Caden to SCDS because of the teachers and the education philosophy,” Millsback said. “Since I’m a teacher here, I know and appreciate the SCDS way.”

Millsback loves having lunch with Caden and hanging out with him while Millsback coaches after school.

Caden’s favorite things at SCDS are the teachers, his new friends and the art projects.

It is a little hard for the Millsbacks to predict whether or not Caden will be a lifer.

“The faculty has been together for so long,” Millsback said. “And now it is nice for all of our kids to get to know each other.”

Caden Millsback prepares to slide down a slide.
Photo by Sonja Hansen
Caden Millsback prepares to slide down a slide.

Courtney and Taber Livesey

Previously, Courtney and Taber went to Phoenix School on A Street.

Livesey chose to send her children to SCDS because of the phenomenal pre-K program and the activities that give students important skills.

Livesey has a view of the pre-K playground from her classroom and enjoys watching her children play.

Courtney and Taber’s favorite things about SCDS are their new buddies, the tricycles and painting.

Livesey loves the idea of her kids becoming lifers.

“It was fun seeing and hearing about all of us being pregnant at the same time and now we are seeing them start at SCDS together,” Livesey said. “It’s like one big happy family!”

Taber Livesey climbs a playground ladder during free time.
Photo by Sonja Hansen
Taber Livesey climbs a playground ladder during free time.


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