50th anniversary souvenirs include LaMay readings, Neukom portraits, personalized ceramic tiles

Recorded readings by middle-school English teacher Lauren LaMay, autographed portraits of high-school history teacher Daniel Neukom and personalized ceramic tiles are just a few of the commemorative items being sold in honor of the school’s 50th anniversary.

Fifteen-minute recordings of LaMay reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” will cost $100.

“I suppose I could have done readings on something else, but ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ would be my first choice,” said LaMay.

The beginning and end of the story, as well as some of LaMay’s favorite scenes, were recorded.

“I included the verdict scene, of course, where Tom Robinson is found guilty of a crime he did not commit,” LaMay said. “I included the Ladies’ Missionary Tea Party because of its stunning display of hypocrisy, and the voices are so fun to do!”

Neukom’s autographed portraits will also be selling for $100.

In the portrait, Neukom is holding a swahbti doll.These dolls were used by ancient Egyptians as a way to pay their taxes in the afterlife.

“(It’s) like a good-luck charm for the afterlife,” Neukom said.

Neukom is also wearing a tuxedo in the portrait because of his yearly AP exam tradition.

“Each year when the (AP European History) students take the AP exam, I wear a tuxedo to honor (their) hard work and dedication,” Neukom said.

“This We Remember—The First 50 Years” ($250) is a book comprised of the school’s history.

Julie Nelson, director of communications, who wrote the majority of the book, got the historical information from old Octagon issues, minutes from Board of Trustees meetings, Parents’ Association letters and yearbooks.

But Nelson also needed information about Country Day life.

“I asked some long-time teachers to contribute to the book by writing about some part of the school that was special to them or something they knew really well,” Nelson said.

Such contributors included parent Jay Johnson (one of the first students at SCDS), Quincey Tidey (daughter of previous headmaster Pat Tidey and high-school principal Francie Tidey), Sacramento Breakthrough director Adolfo Mercado, publications advisers Sue Nellis and Patricia Fels, and Neukom.

In addition, personalized ceramic tiles ($500) are being sold and labeled in honor of alumni, students and families. They will be placed against the bench outside the Matthews Library or in spots throughout the campus.

Two different memorabilia packages ($750 each) will be offered.

Package #1 consists of the personalized ceramic tile, LaMay’s reading and “This We Remember.” Package #2 comes with “This We Remember,” a personalized ceramic tile and one of Neukom’s portraits.

Profits will be split between the Capital Fund, which finances physical campus improvements, and the Faculty Salary Endowment Fund.

Previously published in the print edition on Sept. 16, 2014.

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