The sketch shows the plan for what the bleachers will look like.

Gym bleachers to be replaced by Sports Boosters

The Sports Boosters are planning to replace the gym bleachers, according to Boosters president Abdul Esmail.

The bleachers will be replaced to increase capacity and to meet ADA requirements.

The Boosters are considering installing four rows of bleachers ($26,000) instead of three ($20,000), which will be in the same spot in the gym.

“We can’t put bleachers on both sides to increase capacity due to fire code regulations,” Esmail said.

If four rows are installed, the lines of the basketball court will need to be moved 1 foot towards the opposite wall. The basketball hoops will also need to be moved.

The cost to move, sand, refinish and restripe the court, as well as install new holes for volleyball nets, is $30,000.

Once the Boosters have raised enough money for the new bleachers, there will be a 120-day turnaround period while the bleachers are being constructed and delivered.

The Boosters plan to have the bleachers installed before the end of the school year.

The Boosters plan on raising money by getting more people to join the group.

The lowest cost to join the Boosters is $50, but higher levels of membership cost up to $2,000. There are currently about 50 members.

“That way, we won’t put a burden on the school’s budget, especially with the middle-school construction in progress,” Esmail said.

Working on ways to increase membership, the Boosters are now sending out more emails and spreading the request by word of mouth.


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