ASE offers hands-on learning experience through Makerspace class

As woodshop, home economics and manual arts have become extinct in schools, a new program emerges: Makerspace.

Makerspaces, also known as “hackerspaces,” are shared workspaces that allow people to learn how to do things themselves, such as taking apart computers, knitting and coding.

A Makerspace program is now available for students in the school’s after-school program, ASE. The program is being offered to fourth through eighth grades.

The classes will be taught by Tibby Wroten, former assistant middle and high-school librarian, in the high-school art room and  will cost $200 each trimester.

According to the school website, the main focus of the Makerspace class is to provide an area and supervision for students to learn about their own interests without having to follow a teacher-designed program.


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