An architectural sketch shows what the new middle-school building will look like when completed.

Construction of middle-school center for science, mathematics and technology begins July 14

Demolition of the current middle-school building along the pick-up line containing rooms 6A and 6B will begin on Monday, July 14, according to William Petchauer, chief financial officer. Construction will start in late July or early August and continue through the end of November.

Since construction will still be taking place for the first few months of school, several teachers will be temporarily relocated to other classrooms.

The current sixth-grade building, which contains the classrooms of science teachers Aleitha Burns and Edward Bolman, will be replaced with the middle-school center for science, mathematics and technology.

Instead of the current two classrooms, there will be four—two math rooms and two science rooms.

The science rooms will be equipped with movable lab tables in order to change the lab into a variety of configurations.

The two new classrooms are needed to accommodate increasing middle-school enrollment.The past school year there were 135 middle-school students. Next year, there are expected to be about 145, Petchauer said.

In addition, when the new middle-school quad was built in 2010, two classrooms were lost.

“Since then the need for additional classroom space has continued to increase,” Petchauer said.

According to Petchauer, the budget for the new building is $1.8 million.

Once the building is completed, the Board of Trustees is not anticipating any significant construction for the next couple of years, Petchauer said.

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