POINT OF INTEREST: Medallion, Octagon, Student Council announce positions for 2014-15

The new staff positions for the Medallion yearbook have been chosen after much debate by adviser Joel Rickert and senior co-editors-in-chief Savannah Symister and Sydney Jackson.

Sophomores Gracie Strumpfer and Aidan Galati have been chosen as next year’s co-editors-in-chief, with sophomore Julia Owaidat as managing editor.

“At first I was really surprised because this was my first year in the elective, and I was just working to be some sort of editor. I was actually looking to be in design,” Galati said.

The Octagon has also chosen next year’s leaders, with junior Emma Williams as editor-in-chief for the print edition and Aishwarya Nadgauda as editor-in-chief for the online edition.

“I thought that I could do a lot to make the Octagon even better; I think I’m a pretty organized person and generally I’m a good leader,” Williams said. “It was a big honor for me to be given the position.”

Student Council has also chosen its two new officers, with juniors Caroline Mehta and George Cvetich as president and vice president respectively.

The Glass Knife literary magazine does not choose positions until the beginning of next year, adviser Joanne Melinson said.

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