School to make senior seminar an annual tradition

Last year, senior projects were replaced by a senior seminar, and this year the change will be made permanent.

“We had a really good positive reaction from both the seniors and their parents,” Sue Nellis, head of high school, said. So senior seminars will be May 19-30.

Nellis added that last year’s seniors thought the seminars were far more useful, but they also enjoyed the freedom of being able to leave campus for the afternoon.

Additions to this year’s course offerings were chosen by student input: Chillin’ and Grillin,’ a barbecue and grill class taught by teachers Brooke Wells and Chris Millsback; Modern Etiquette taught by teacher Jane Bauman; and Basics of Knitting by teacher Jane Batarseh.

Because of the addition of Microsoft Excel into classes for the last four years, this year’s seniors will not have an accelerated Excel class.

While students selected their own seminars a week ago, a few are required: Financial Literacy, Writing a Resume and Interviewing for Jobs, Auto Maintenance, Safety on Campus and Career Day.

Career Day will feature representatives from the Department of Justice, private legal firms, commercial real estate, the fields of psychology and medicine, Intel and Google.

“I’m excited for the students to not only learn about the careers, but also the different paths that one can take to get there and their experiences,” Nellis said.

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