Mock Trial team grabs another win despite a slacking performance

Although the Mock Trial team didn’t give its best performance on Feb. 26, the team continued its four-round winning streak by beating Sheldon High School’s defense.

Junior Chien Ho, the prosecution clerk, said that  Country Day “slacked off” due to the other team’s lack of experience.

“The other team was just bad. They were relying on notes, and their grammar was horrible,” said Ho.

“I guess that one thing we learned is that even if a team is bad, you shouldn’t let your guard down.”

Collectively the team won by a landslide, securing 57 percent of the total points awarded by judges.

“They were the worst team we’ve been against in three years,” said junior George Cvetich, Mock Trial team captain.

While the team did secure most of the points, head coach Jeanine Boyers was “frustrated” with the lack of learning that went on during the trial.

“Our students dumb down their effort when they feel like they are doing too well compared to the other school,” said Boyers.

“We would’ve never beat a team like Elk Grove with our performance yesterday.”

Junior Aishwarya Nadgauda, team captain, partly attributes the attorneys’ “relaxed” performance to the judge’s response to objections.

“We sort of backed off because he kept overruling our objections,” said Nadgauda. “I think he wanted to help the other team a bit, so they didn’t get pummeled.”

Cvetich described the judge as “fair” and “odd,” as the judge asked the teams to introduce themselves with a fun fact.

“I said that I could ride a unicycle. I don’t know—I just panicked,” said junior Grant Miner, pre-trial attorney.

The team will finish their last semi-final round on Mar. 1 at the GDS Sacramento County Courthouse, and then will move onto a quarterfinals match the same day.

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