Auction committee members set up for the Mardi Gras-themed silent auction in the gym, Feb. 27. The auction will begin at 5:30 on Feb. 28. (Photo by CIssy Shi)

Annual auction kicks off with Mardi Gras-themed silent auction on Feb. 28

Since its inception, the auction—Country Day’s primary fund raiser—has had two parts: silent and live. For the first time, the two are being held on separate days. And they’ll have separate themes.

The Mardi Gras-themed silent auction will be held on Feb. 28, and the live auction on May 3. The reasons for this change are simple, according to auction chair Libby Sanchez: to increase attendance, fun and profit.

Sanchez said that the auction committee modeled this year’s auction after the Crocker Art Museum’s auction.

The silent auction, held in the gym, will feature smaller, lower-priced items, free admission and complimentary food and drinks. “It also has a really festive, neighborhood party atmosphere,” Sanchez said.

The separation of live and silent auctions is also designed to increase attendance at the live auction, which people have to buy tickets for. The goal for auction organizers is for new parents to have fun at the silent auction, which may prompt them to buy tickets for the live one later.

Also, because parents have told how much fun they have had at the auction in years past, Sanchez said she wants them to have two fun nights, instead of just one.

螢幕快照 2014-02-26 下午6.33.37The auction committee has also done away with Bid-Pal, an electronic bidding method, and gone back to paper bids for the silent auction.

The silent auction is anticipated to have almost 400 items, The live auction will be held on May 3 and feature a Back to the Future theme with 1980s decor.

Sanchez has emphasized how difficult the auction would have been without help from Kirsten Ferries (Silent Solicitation Chair), Lindsey Sackheim (Live Solicitation Chair), Maya Heinert (Fixed Price Chair) and Kari Miner (Decorations), and that “none of this could have been done without them!”

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