Spring play will include lots of kisses

The spring high-school play, “Almost, Maine,” is expected to be a big hit with the older students, director Brian Frishman said.

“Almost, Maine” is one of the most produced and popular plays for American high-school drama departments, Frishman said.

Frishman decided to present “Almost, Maine” for this reason. He was also looking for a play that had a comic tone and would appeal to its audience because of the humor.

Frishman also wanted to change the traditional theme of focusing on one main character as most high-school plays have done in the past.

Instead, “Almost, Maine” consists of several small parts that are separated into skits.

The only connection between the characters is that they live in the same town and all have strange incidents involving love on the same Friday night.

Although this creates a more interesting plot, it makes planning rehearsals difficult.

For the first week of rehearsals, Frishman scheduled six individual practices.

Each practice was supposed to consist of only two to three people because there are only two to three students per skit.

Frishman scheduled these individual rehearsals during lunch and throughout the school day. But he said only two of the six were actually successful.

According to Frishman, this is because the students are busy during the day, so they can’t easily make time to practice.

However, sophomore Aidan Galati credits Frishman for trying to make the practices convenient.

“He looked at everyone’s sports, Mock Trial and any other commitments and tried to create a schedule that works for every single person,” Galati said.

Sophomore Emma Belliveau agrees with Galati.

“It is a new way of practicing, but I think that it will be good because we can get more individual feedback and create chemistry with our partner,” Belliveau said.

“Almost, Maine” is also expected to be popular because of the number of kissing scenes because of the series of small love stories.

“Since people will want to see their friends kissing other students, they will really want to come to the play,” Galati said.

Like the previous spring plays, Joel Rickert, the costume designer for the winter plays, is not able to work on the costumes.

Rickert is available during only the winter plays because he focuses on finishing the yearbook during the spring.

However, since the play is set in modern times, cast members will provide their own costumes, Frishman said.

The play, written by John Cariani, will be March 13-15, at 7 p.m. in the MP Room.

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