Brooke Wells to become head of high school next year

To read about the search and other candidates, please click here.

Brooke Wells, assistant head of high school, was announced as the new head of high school on Thursday, Jan. 23.

Wells was chosen because he has a long record of fine service in independent schools and other schools and also has the required background and experience to lead the high school, headmaster Steve Repsher said.

“Among the groups interviewing the candidates, there was a broad range of perspectives and opinions,” Repsher said.  “However, collectively it was clear that (Wells) was the first choice.”

Four committees—parents, administrators, teachers and students–interviewed  five candidates chosen by Repsher from 26 applicants for the position.

“I am really glad (Wells) was chosen because he has more experience since he has been here,” freshman Maryjane Garcia said.

Repsher said he thinks the transition will be seamless because Wells has been the assistant head of high school and Nellis will continue to be on campus to aid him in the transition.

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