Point of Interest: School blocks Instagram

Instagram, the popular online video- and photo-sharing social medium, was recently blocked on the school Wi-Fi.

According to Tom Wroten, director of technology, Instagram is blocked because the school Wi-Fi blocks social media in general.

“There are 53 different categories we filter, and social media is one of them,” Wroten said.

Many students dislike this most recent social media blocking.

“Sometimes in yearbook we use photos on Instagram to show trends,” senior Savannah Symister, the assistant editor-in-chief of The Medallion, said. “Now we can’t do that on school computers.”

Other social media blocked include Facebook, Reddit and YouTube. However, Twitter, another popular social media website, is still not blocked.

When asked why Instagram is only recently blocked and why Twitter is still not blocked, Wroten had no comment.

“Maybe Twitter should be blocked, too,” he said.

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