In tonight's Winter Concert, the combined band and orchestra make a debut, playing four pieces together. (Photo by Cissy Shi)

Combined band and orchestra will make debut at Winter Concert, Dec. 19

Tonight the high-school orchestra, band and jazz band will be performing in the MP Room at 7 p.m.

In addition to three jazz band songs (“Freddy Freeloader,” “Powder Puff” and “Cerulean Blue”) and two orchestra pieces (“Exsultate Jubilate” and “Millionaire’s Hoedown”), the concert will feature the first performance by the new combined band and orchestra (“Carillon,” “Rites of Tamburo,” “Carol of the Drum” and “Procession of the Sardar”).

“This gives the band and orchestra the opportunity to participate in a bigger musical experience,” said sophomore Madison Judd, who plays principal second violin. “It will be exciting to finally show everyone what we’ve been working on all these weeks.”

Junior Maxwell Shukuya agrees. “I think it’s going to be interesting playing with the band for the first time this year,” said Shukuya, who is in the first violin section. “It’s important to make a good impression; it sets the bar for our future music program.

“I’m excited to see how we do. Playing in front of an audience is a lot different than rehearsing during elective.”

Many members of the jazz band who don’t participate in the main band are also enthusiastic about seeing the new group.

“I’m looking forward to hearing them play,” said junior Micaela Bennett-Smith, who plays trumpet in the jazz band. “Last night, I heard the middle-school band and orchestra play together, and they sounded really good.

“I think the symphonic setting of a combined band and orchestra is more interesting to listen to in general.”


The Musicians


First Violins

Emma Williams

Ryan Ho

Maxwell Shukuya

Jaspreet Gill


Second Violins

Madison Judd

Johann Dias

Jag Lally

Anny Schmidt



Vanessa Previsic

Colby Conner



Serajh Esmail

Caleb Davis




Lara Kong

Sydney Michel



Amelia Fineberg



Anthony Swaminathan



Emily Berke



Kevin Rossell



Brad Petchauer

Adam Ketchum



Chien Ho



Tom Long

Daniel Kong

Keaton Ochoa


Jazz Band:

Alto Saxophone

Kevin Rossell


Baritone Saxophone

Grant Miner


Tenor Saxophone

Jacob Durante



Micaela Bennett-Smith

Emily Berke



Keaton Ochoa



Daniel Kong



Brad Petchauer



Ethan Ham



Colby Conner

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