Class of 2013 to attend freshman panel, Dec. 20 (slideshow)

On Friday, Dec. 20, students from the class of 2013 will attend the annual freshman panel, where they will answer questions posed by students and teachers.

In addition, there will be a lunch for the seniors, graduates and faculty. The school will provide pizza while the seniors will bring dessert, fruit and salad.

College counselor Jane Bauman contacted the graduates and is expecting about 30 to participate in the panel and lunch.

Students like senior Maddy Mahla say the panel gives them information they can’t get from a college Website.

“What I have gotten out of the freshman panel is that one of the most important factors to consider when you go to college is the weather,” senior Troy Hoddick said.

For junior Anna Wiley, the best part is hearing about colleges she’s considering. She said she especially wanted to hear about Pomona from Mary-Clare Bosco.

And freshman Camille Locke said she wants to hear how college is different from high school.

Bauman said she’ll ask some questions besides the traditional ones. After reading The Octagon’s Freshman Foci, she has decided to ask about embarrassing mistakes the college freshmen have made.

Like senior Maya Kuppermann,  panel member Jeffrey Caves said that he is looking forward to hearing college stories.

And so is Bauman.

“I know that every year someone is going to tell a hilarious story, and it’s always unpredictable,” she said. “I just wait for that moment.”


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