Country Day leads Run to Feed the Hungry fundraising once again

[slideshow_deploy id=’5076′] (Photos courtesy of Laura Monahan)

Since 2006, the school has participated in fundraising for the Run to Feed the Hungry race, which takes place on Thanksgiving Day.

And every year Country Day has raised the most money of all the other school teams, including Jesuit High School and St. Francis High School, who also participate in the charity run.

However, on Nov. 14, for the first time it seemed as if Country Day had a challenger for their title as the top fundraising group.

That’s when team captain Michelle Myers received an email from Mary Kessler (mother of Paul Kessler, ‘11) warning that her new company’s team (Visionary Integration Professionals) was catching up.

“We sent out an urgent email to all—Facebook, text, whatever you can do,” Myers said.

“Let’s show the Sacramento community we can do this! In one night, bam!”

And they did. The school raised $2,000 that night.

The next night another $1,000 was raised between the lower, middle and high school.

In fact, from Nov. 14-25 additional donations totaled $4,148.

So far, Country Day has raised $7,911 (compared with $5,800 last year). The closest competitor (Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora LLP) has only $3,275 so far. All proceeds of the run benefit Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services.

“I’d say social media and a little friendly competition got us where we are today,” Myers said.

Some of the school’s top fundraisers are seventh grader Nate Jakobs ($1,150) and middle-school math teacher, Laura Monahan ($375).

But Myers believes it’s the many students and parents who donated anywhere from $2-250 that really helped.

“It’s a lot of families doing a little or a lot that makes it happen,” she said.

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