Sophomores Jenny Kerbs, Brad Petchauer, Emily Berke and Sydney Michel wait to use one of the two new microwaves installed in the high-school quad on Nov. 13. (Photo by Cissy Shi)

Two new microwaves installed in high-school quad

To decrease lunchtime traffic to the high-school office’s microwave, two new microwaves were set up on a cart outside the SMUD closet on the side of the gym on Nov. 13.

The microwaves will be wheeled out for lunch every day and put back inside afterwards, Sue Nellis, head of high school, said.

The idea originally came from senior Leilani Reid-Vera, who wrote about it in a proposal essay for teacher Patricia Fels’s English 11 class last year.

“They used to have microwaves in the gym, but they took them out and wanted us to start using the ones in (the high-school office) and the science rooms,” Reid-Vera said.

“That was really inconvenient and took a lot of time.”

Reid-Vera talked to Nellis about her idea, and Nellis brought it up in an administration meeting several months ago.

Students are still allowed to use the microwave in the high-school office, but Nellis said she’d rather they use the ones outside.

“I don’t want (the office) smelling like a fast-food joint,” she said. “And (when they use the office microwave), it makes it so that we can’t get anything done for 20 minutes or so.”

Nellis is now considering finding a student to move the cart in and out of the closet and clean the microwaves for community service hours.

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