Sophomore Tom Long practices pitching a horseshoe during the sophomore trip, which took place Oct. 1-4. Students enjoyed doing many activities, such as horseback riding and fishing. (Photo courtesy of Julia Owaidat)

Seventh grade trip changes from Yosemite to Green Horn Guest Ranch

Although the government shutdown is now over, the seventh-grade trip has switched locations, from Yosemite National Park to Green Horn Guest Ranch in Quincy.

Trip coordinator Jason Kreps said the decision had to be made early since there was no guarantee the park would reopen before Oct. 20, the trip’s departure date.

“We made the decision in about 24 hours,” Kreps said.

Green Horn Guest Ranch was also the site of the sophomore trip in early October.

However, Sandy Lyon, head of the middle school, made sure to check with the high-school administration, as the seventh graders may return as sophomores.

“A lot of the sophomores wanted to go back again, so we felt that the kids wouldn’t mind going back,” Lyon said.

The two trips’ itineraries are also different.

The school will receive a refund from NatureBridge, the company that planned the trip to Yosemite.

In terms of price, the trip to Green Horn will cost the school only $150 more. Lyon explained that despite the change in cost, the cost per student did not change.

“As far as I know, all of the kids are super excited,” Kreps said.

Seventh grader Benett Sackheim said he’s pleased with the change.

“The dude ranch has a bunch of activities, and Yosemite doesn’t have much. That’s what I’ve heard from other students,” he said.

While the kids are excited, Lyon said that the change will not be permanent.

All in all, Kreps said he’s satisfied with the change.

“Our fallback would have been a campout on the back lawn, and that would’ve been no fun.”


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