Freshman trip cut short due to government shutdown

The freshman class returned home sooner from their annual fall trip than expected due to the federal government shutdown.

At midnight on Oct. 1, because Congress had not yet reached a compromise on the budget, the federal government shut down. As a result, multiple agencies were closed, and about 800,000 employees were furloughed.

Marin Headlands Youth Hostel, where the freshmen had planned to stay from Oct. 1-4, was shut down at noon on Oct. 3. The youth hostel is a concessioner of the National Park Service, which is funded by the national government.

The hostel gave everyone staying there 48 hours to vacate. Consequently, the freshmen stayed for only two nights instead of the traditional three.

They returned home Thursday evening, Oct. 3.

Since the plan was to leave early Friday morning, the students didn’t miss any activities.

“I am sure (the students) will be disappointed that they do not get their last night on their trip even if they do not lose any of their activities,” headmaster Stephen Repsher said.

Freshman Shriya Nadgauda thought that the worst part of leaving early was making sure all their luggage was packed.

Since they were not prepared to leave, their belongings were everywhere, and they had to pack in very little time, Nadgauda said.

However, freshman Avi Bhullar enjoyed coming home early because she was able to meet her parents, who had been in Thailand, and get a good night’s rest.

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