Veteran chemistry instructor Alan Beamer gives up teaching

Chemistry teacher Alan Beamer will leave the school in June and transition away from teaching.

Beamer taught sophomore chemistry, AP Chemistry, Honors Geometry and the Forensics elective in his three years at SCDS and advised the Dungeons and Dragons Club.

Though this is the fourth private school Beamer has taught at, he hopes to find a job involving chemistry in private industry or government.

“I want a change of pace,” Beamer said. “I have been teaching for a while, and I’m spent and just want to try something new.

“I feel like I can still tutor individuals if I want to keep teaching a little, but even a university job just doesn’t appeal to me.”

Beamer is seeking a middle ground as far as leadership.

“I don’t want to run a lab, but I also don’t want to do something where I’m just washing beakers,” he said.

The school has interviewed six candidates but has not yet offered any of them a contract, according to headmaster Stephen Repsher.

Candidates are interviewed through the online video-chat service Skype before they visit campus, where they teach a class and speak with current science teachers and administrators.

The decision is expected within a few weeks, Repsher said.

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