POI: Prom on the other side of the tracks

Prom will be held on a  Sacramento River Train company engine on Saturday, April 13.

The trains give 10- to 20-mile per hour rides, traveling 16 miles between Woodland and West Sacramento, and back again.

The theme will be old Hollywood actors.

The train is a private charter with three open-air cars, two dining cars and a club coach car—students can dance in all of them. Only snacks will be available.

Tickets are $50 but will increase $10 on April 1. Students can’t buy tickets at the door.

The photographer will take pictures before the dance, so students who want pictures should arrive early.

Students cannot arrive late because the train leaves promptly at 8 p.m. and won’t be able to leave before 11 p.m.—unless they want to jump off a moving train into the rice paddies.


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