POI: Expanded Student Council to shrink again

Student Council, with twice as many students as last year, is overflowing with some enthusiastic—and some not-so-enthusiastic—members.

Consequently, Patricia Dias,   adviser,  plans for yet another change.

The group has 25 members (in comparison to the 12 they had last year).

Dias originally changed the number of class representatives from two to five because she felt that members were spread too thin.

But she and other members  have found that there are just too many now.

Senior Brandon Mysicka, student body president, said it is difficult to maintain everyone’s attention at meetings.

“There are a lot of people standing around doing nothing, while the same people are volunteering to do things over and over again,” Mysicka said.

“I think some of the people  need to ask themselves ‘Why am I doing this?’ ” junior Maddy Mahla, student body secretary, said.

Dias plans to solve the problem by having three representatives per grade, in addition to four officers, for a total of 16 Student Council members in 2013-14.

In addition, she is considering altering the officers’ titles because “people have become obsessed with titles like ‘president,’” Dias said.

“No one can tell by the title ‘vice president’ that the job involves being in charge of the dances,” Dias said.






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