Sister of Keras and Yee Lo replaces Marianne Ceballos as BSAC program coordinator

A former Country Day Breakthrough  student has been chosen from 431 candidates to be the new program coordinator of Breakthrough Sacramento (BSAC).

Ying Lo, whose sisters Keras, ’02, and Yee, ‘07, are both Country Day alumnae, attended BSAC throughout her middle-school summers.

Lo later earned a B.A. in social work and education at UC Berkeley.

During summers, she returned to Breakthrough Sacramento to teach middle-school science in 2003-04 and served as Breakthrough dean of students in 2008 before earning an M.A. in social work at Columbia University.

Despite Lo’s experience at Breakthrough, she is still getting accustomed to her new job (Lo began Nov. 5).

“I’m still learning how the program has changed since I was here,” she said.

According to Lo, there are fewer students and teachers in Breakthrough now, and the curriculum is more focused.

In her new position, Lo oversees academic programming and recruits, selects and supervises volunteers and the seasonal support staff.

And Lo will aid Adolfo Mercado, Breakthrough Sacramento executive director, in advanced projects and initiatives.

Although Mercado had the final decision in hiring Lo, he asked Breakthrough students and teachers for input.

After narrowing the list to three, he asked  students and teachers to rank them.

Senior Jackson Dulla, who taught chemistry last summer for Breakthrough, said he favored Lo because she has been involved with Breakthrough since an early age.

“It’s cool to see someone come full circle like that,” Dulla said.

Lo’s predecessor Marianne Ceballos moved to San Jose to work for the Upward Bound college-preparatory program. Mercado said she hopes to earn a doctorate in education while in the Bay Area.

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