Three alumnae brace themselves as giant storm heads for New York City

Here are reports filed today (Monday, Oct. 29) from three SCDS alumnae living in New York City:

Victoria Loustalot, ’03, living and working in Manhattan

NYC has been divided into three zones: A, B, and C. Zone A has already been issued a mandatory evacuation, and B might have to go later today. We’re in Zone C, though, and (Mayor Michael) Bloomberg claims we’ll most likely be able to stay put.

The bagel shop and coffee place on our corner are still open. The lines are halfway down the block. But the wind and rain are picking up like crazy, and most people are booking it back inside.

I feel bad for all the dogs. A lot of folks are trying to get one last dog walk in, but their poor pups look so confused and miserable.

Bloomberg is on TV and is breaking out his high-school Spanish, which is the highlight of every city-wide emergency!


Parul Guliani, ’11, sophomore at Columbia University:

It’s a little gray today, but I don’t think the storm is really supposed to hit until this evening. Classes are cancelled today, the libraries are closed, the subway system has been shut down, and the lines at the grocery stores were out the door yesterday (you actually had to wait in line to get into the store at one point).

They’ve told us to stay indoors, stock up on food and clean water, charge our phones, and keep electronics away from the windows and off the floor.


Camille Getz, ’12, freshman at New York University:

“The storm is pretty intense outside. All classes are cancelled, all the stores are closed, and all public transportation is completely shut down. Nobody is outside…it looks like the apocalypse.

“What’s weird, though, is that since we live across the street from the fire department, our windows are designed to block sounds from the sirens. So we can’t hear the storm at all. It’s dead quiet in the dorm, and we’re not supposed to leave until everything is over. We had to go out and buy food and water and batteries and stuff. It’s actually pretty crazy…it was pandemonium in the grocery stores with everyone trying to get the last of the supplies.”

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