Point of Interest: Student Council debates 2 Winter Ball locations

Student Council is torn between two Winter Ball locations, The Firehouse, a fine-dining venue in Old Sacramento, and the traditional location at the Campus Commons Clubhouse.

Senior Natalie Polan, vice president, said that the over-used Campus Commons location may deter many juniors and seniors.

According to the Firehouse event coordinator, the facility rents for about $3,000.

This includes the required security fee and the $750 minimum appetizer fee.

For a total of $1500, Campus Commons would include the required security fee and staff.

However, Campus Commons would not include any food, and the space would have to be decorated, adding to the cost.

According to Student Council adviser, Patricia Dias, the difference in venue would raise ticket prices by no more than $5, if at all.

In the past, because of the small student body, the dances at Campus Commons have felt too “open.” In a larger space students tend to sit on the couches instead of dance, Dias said.

“The space we are considering at the Firehouse is perfect for our dance–it has a 120-person capacity,” she said.

The decision will be made collectively, by the whole student council.

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