Junior Nate Leavy jumps in mid-air in the sack race. (Photo by Sanjana Anand)
Junior Nate Leavy jumps during the sack race. (Photo by Sanjana Anand)

After previewing classes, students watch fashion show, play games at orientation (slideshow)

Teachers breaking the dress code, students wheelbarrow racing and stuffing their faces with watermelon … at orientation on Aug. 26, high school students were introduced to or reminded of the Country Day spirit.

Students visited each of their classes for 15 minutes, attended Student Council’s “What Not to Wear” fashion show and competed in games on the field. As in the annual Ancil Hoffman Capture-the-Flag game, the black team, comprised of freshmen and seniors, competed against the red team, consisting of sophomores and juniors.

The black team won, earning root beer floats, which red team members may buy for $2, Student Council announced on Aug. 28.

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