Kathy’s Corner established in honor of late middle-school teacher (slideshow)

[slideshow_deploy id=’3792′] (Photos by Zoe Bowlus and Sue Goodwin)

A garden work party organized by chemistry teacher Michael Covey was held on Sept. 28 to honor Kathy Russell-Fernandez, former middle-school science and math teacher who passed away this summer. Teachers and students alike came to remember Russell-Fernandez by doing something she would have loved. Attendees performed many garden tasks to create “Kathy’s Corner.” They pulled out tomato plants to create space, spread mulch, and planted flowers. Covey hand-lettered a sign that marks the area dedicated to her. After placing the sign near the beds, attendees gathered in a circle to share their memories of Russell-Fernandez. Also present were members of the Girl Scout troop in which Russell-Fernandez participated with her daughter.

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