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Love is in the air: Valentine’s Day for the Cavaliers

Valentine’s Day: a day full of roses, love, chocolate and even sadness. Country Day’s students and faculty share their memories from their days of love, both good and bad.

Haylee Holman

Last year, senior Haylee Holman spent Valentine’s Day with her then-boyfriend.  

He came over to her house, and all seemed to be going well, until Holman received some surprising news. 

As he was walking out the door,  he informed her that he wanted to break up. 

“It was just completely out of the blue,” she said. 

Priya Chand 

Sophomore Priya Chand spent last Feb. 14 in the park with some friends, but she was not celebrating Valentine’s Day; she was having a Galentine’s Day.

A Galentine’s Day, as it’s called, is a day for girls and women to celebrate their platonic relationships with one another. 

For Chand and her friends,  this meant having a picnic with some of their favorite snacks while sitting outside. 

“I would definitely do it again,” she said.

Mia Crowder 

Valentine’s Day is nothing special to junior Mia Crowder. Usually, Crowder spends the day with her friends.  

However, there is one Valentine’s Day that Crowder will never forget.  

A couple of years ago, somebody asked  Crowder to be his Valentine. Happily, she accepted, but to her dismay, he ignored her all day.  

“That was the worst Valentine’s Day by far,” Crowder said. 

Christopher Arns

For history teacher Christopher Arns, Valentine’s Day is  about Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week, which takes place from Feb. 7 to Feb. 14. 

Arns’ daughter had a risky heart surgery when she was four months old. She was able to recover, and Arns’ family is very grateful for that. 

“Just in general, Valentine’s  Day, for us, and the few days before it, is always an opportunity in our family to celebrate that she is still here with us,” Arns said. 

Jason Hinojosa 

One year after English teacher Jason Hinojosa married his wife, he asked if she wanted to do anything special.  

After she responded ‘no,’ he prepared a simple dinner of cauliflower steak. Turns out, his wife was expecting more. 

“She did not like that, and she has never let me forget,”  Hinojosa said. 

Another vivid Valentine’s Day memory Hinojosa has is one from his high school years.  

He took his then-girlfriend to a fancy dinner. When they showed up at the restaurant, Hinojosa saw his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend. Hinojosa and his girlfriend quickly left the restaurant. They then went to a McDonald’s and ate their food on a golf course. 

“It did not start well. It turned out to be kind of nice though,” he said. 

— By Anika Nadgauda

Originally published in the Feb. 8 edition of The Octagon

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