Senior Superlatives

Graphics by Nihal Gulati; photos taken by Vanessa Escobar, Arijit Trivedi and Arikta Trivedi, photos courtesy of Ashwin Rohatgi and Ming Zhu

This data is collected from an April 24 poll of 30 SCDS seniors. These are the seniors who are Most Likely To….

Become a world leader – Kenyatta Dumisani

He has a very extroverted personality so he’s always voicing his opinion. I saw in Ancil Hoffman when he jumped onto the platform rallying everybody. I just think he’s very extroverted, he’s never shy to talk, so I feel like he’d be a good world leader because he likes talking to people. He has a really good first impression, he’s just a really kind and great guy,” senior Keshav Anand said.

Discover a new species – Meghan Kaschner

Meghan, I think wants to be a marine biologist, so she’s gonna work a lot with ocean life, so I feel like she’d be most likely to [find a new species] while working with the ocean. She just really likes animals so she seems most likely to find a new species, ” Anand said.

Lead a human rights activist group – Sarina Rye

I think Serena just because she’s a very big activist. She likes standing up for what she feels is right and that activism perspective is kind of what led me to vote for her in this category. She’s very passionate about what she does,” Anand said.

Develop AI – Ming Zhu

He’s expressed his passion for computer sciences during the year. He had even shown us a PowerPoint presentation at the beginning of the year,” senior Elijah Azar said.

Fight a bear and win – Shiva Wolf

I chose him because he’s already been in crazy situations. Multiple situations. He’s not exactly a person to look for a peaceful life and he’s already had a gorilla almost fight him,” Azar said. (Wolf not pictured)

Run a multi-million dollar company – Om Sharma

Well, he’s already been working with the family business so he’s had a headstart. He’s more knowledgeable than any of us so he’d be the most likely,” Azar said. (Sharma not pictured)

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