Jason Li poses for a photo in Putah Creek while on a hike in Northern California. (Photo courtesy of Li)

FRESHMAN FOCUS: Jason Li, ’20, enjoys hiking while attending online classes at University of Tsinghua in Beijing, China from US

Jason Li, ’20, attends online classes at the University of Tsinghua in Beijing, China, while living in the U.S. and is majoring in architecture.

Q: Why did you choose your college and major?

A:  I chose my college because it offers one of the best architecture schools, and I’ve always wanted to study architecture.

Q: Are there any clubs you are in or are interested to join?

A:  Yeah. I’m interested in joining the Water Polo Club.

Q: How has the pandemic affected you during your classes?  

A: Oh, it’s limited. Sometimes when I have to make models I don’t have the material, so I would have to use a limited amount of materials. It’s hard for me to ask questions when I’m doing my work because whenever I’m awake, everyone’s asleep.

Q: How are your professors over remote learning? 

A:  I feel like they’re doing their best. Online students definitely feel a little bit more isolated than in-person students. It’s really hard for the teachers to balance the focus between the online students and people on campus because in China there are no restrictions anymore.

Q: How was your transition from Country Day to college? 

A: The difficulty of classes kind of benefits the discipline in college I feel, especially for math and science. The difficulty in classes from high school definitely helps because in college, if the material is hard, I still have the material from Country Day’s classes. 

Q: What have you done for fun during the pandemic? 

A: I really like my major, so I think it’s fun. In my free time, I would go hiking because that’s one of the entertainments that won’t get me sick, and I play video games.

Q: Would you prefer to be on campus?

A: One hundred percent prefer to be on campus. Everyone there is making friends, and it just feels really like isolation.

Q: Do you have any advice for the class of 2021? A:  I’d say don’t go for the name of the college. The name and the rank honestly doesn’t really matter because it depends on the major you want to be in. I feel like I really made the right choice, and, for me, I think that I got into a lot of good American colleges, but I feel like I won’t be as happy as I would be right now because I chose a major that I wanted to.

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— By Jonah David

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