Freshman Ethan Monasa. (Photo by Jacqueline Chao, graphic by Emma Boersma)

NEWSERY RHYMES: Freshman Ethan Monasa’s retelling of ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’ sends him to first place

The king’s maid was in the castle garden Monday afternoon when a blackbird dive bombed her and snapped off her nose. The blackbird came from a pow that the king was eating on the top of the castle.

“The maid was hanging clothes out in the garden in the early afternoon on Monday,” a gardener for the king said. “Then out of nowhere, a stray blackbird from the king’s pie swooped down from the castle and took a large piece of her nose.”

The maid was rushed to the castle to be taken care of while the king sent his knights to search the grounds for the blackbird with the maid’s nose. After a lengthy search of the castle grounds, it was determined that the blackbird that had taken the nose would not be found.

After stemming the flow of blood and bandaging the injury, the maid was able to return to her work for the king on the castle grounds.

“Our daughter is shaken by the recent events that have taken place,” the maid’s father said. “Still, she has decided she is capable of continuing her work for the king.”

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