Sophomore Ian Thompson poses for a selfie away of the Utah wilderness.

NKOTB: New sophomore spent summer backpacking in Utah desert

In the “New Kids on the Block” series, new students will be interviewed on their life outside of SCDS. Sophomore Ian Thompson graduated from Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High School  in June.

(Photo used by permission of Thompson)
Sophomore Ian Thompson relaxes in the camp in Utah.


Q: What did you do over the summer?

A: I was in the wilderness in Utah all summer backpacking, and then I actually got back to California two weeks before school started.


Q: How long did you backpack?  

A: For around 11 weeks.


Q: Did you go with your family?

A: No, I was by myself. It was more of a youth program, so my family was not with me. There were 11 other backpackers. They were between ages 15 and 17.


Q: While you were backpacking, did you carry your own food and water?

A: We were in a group, so you would carry your own food, plus food for the group, plus group materials such as pots and pans.


Q: Did you have any wifi contact with the outside world?

A: No, the only contact (I)  had was via letters.


Q: At night did you sleep in tents, or just on the ground?

A: We would set up tarps between trees, and we used anything we could around us to keep them down.


Q: What did you miss most while you were backpacking?

A: Just being able to see friends and being able to have (my) own space because the only time we were really by ourselves was when it was night, and it was dark out so you couldn’t do many things.  


(Photo used by permission of Thompson)
Sophomore Ian Thompson


Q: What made you decide to come to Country Day?

A: There (were) just a lot of issues back at my old school, and the culture there was really bad, so I decided to come here.


Q: How is your previous school different?

A: (Here) there are a lot less people. People are more focused and have a heavier workload, it seems.   


Q: Do you miss anything about your old school?

A: The only thing I really miss are my old friends.


Q: What is your favorite class so far?

A: I’d probably say Octagon because it is really chill. The biggest thing (I like) about it is having an outlet to write in and feeling more connected to the school.


Q: Do you do any sports after school?

A: Not right now, but I plan to play (on the Country Day) basketball and track and field (teams).


Q: Do you follow certain professional or college sports teams?

A: I don’t follow any sports teams as of now.


Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: I tend to listen to R&B, rap and indie.


Q: Do you like to read? Who are your favorite authors?

A: I like to read a lot of books, I’ve gotten into a lot of older fiction books, but I don’t have any favorite authors.


Q: Do you have brothers or sisters?

A: I have two stepbrothers: one at Davis High School and the other at Holmes Junior High. (I also have) three half brothers who’ve already graduated.

—By Erin Wilson

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