12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: Chinese malls offer seasonal sales even though few celebrate the holiday

(Photo used by permission of Creative Commons)
Large ornaments hang from the ceiling of a Chinese mall.

Cultures around the world have special ways of celebrating the Christmas season. In the “12 Days of Christmas” series, sophomores Jack Christian and Allison Zhang will interview students and teachers on their international Christmas experiences. Check back tomorrow to hear about Christmas in France from French teacher Richard Day.

Christmas doesn’t really even exist in China, according to sophomore Jacqueline Chao, who lived in Beijing, China until eighth grade.

“There isn’t really any religion in China because after the Cultural Revolution all religions were banned,” Chao said.

“So nobody really celebrates Christmas as a religious holiday.”

But over the past couple of years, China has become extremely Westernized, leading many malls to take on the spirit of Christmas.

(Photo used by permission of Creative Commons)
A Christmas tree stands in the center of a Chinese shopping mall.

“Even though nobody celebrates Christmas, all the malls and shops have huge ‘Christmas’ sales and even decorate like American malls,” Chao said.

“A lot of teenagers also buy Christmas gifts for each other because it is fun.”

However, nobody has any lights, trees or decorations, and most people don’t go to church, according to Chao.

“People simply celebrate it because it is a Western holiday and such a new idea in China,” Chao said.

“They also have a good reason to shop, and everything is on sale.”

By Jack Christian

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