Q&A: Retired headmaster spends time with family, travels to Colorado, reads Spanish classics

(Photo used by permission of Repsher)
Former headmaster Stephen Repsher and his wife Paula took a gauge train from Durango to Silverton during their trip to Colorado.

Former headmaster Stephen Repsher retired last year after 44 years in education, 13 of which were spent as headmaster.

Q: Is there anything you are especially enjoying about your retirement?

A: Yes! Family is a huge and important part of my life, and now I have more time for that. My wife and I have been able to spend a lot of time with her parents and siblings in Texas, whom we used to see only once a year during the holidays.

Q: Do you plan to visit SCDS often? 

A: I will stop by at some point, but I want to give the new head of school (Lee Thomsen) his space. I think that it would be more appropriate if I interfere less with the school than before. However, as for colleagues, I would be delighted to visit all of them!

Q: Is there anything you miss about Country Day?

A: I really miss the students and my colleagues. Their enthusiasm and spirit always brightened my day, and are such an important part of the Country Day community.

Q: Do you have any special memories from your time at SCDS?

A: Opening car doors, Grandparents’ Day, Homecoming under the lights, closings and graduations; there are so many.

Q: If you would have stayed longer at SCDS, is there anything you’d want to change? 

A: Yes! I would have finished rebuilding the middle and high schools and would have replaced the MP Room with a proper performing and visual arts center. I also planned to continue strengthening the compensation and benefits for the faculty, administration and staff, as they richly deserve that recognition for their dedication and hard work.

Q: Do you plan to travel anywhere?

A: (My family and I) traveled to Telluride, Colorado, last month for 10 days, using a stay at the Fairmont (Hotel) that we bid on at last year’s auction. We are currently planning a vacation in Europe.

Q: Where in Europe?

A: My wife and I are hoping to visit southern France and northern Italy soon. We want to experience the food and culture over an extended period of time. We also hope to take a cooking class because we enjoy all the great cuisine!

Q: Do you have any advice for students?

A: Enjoy the ride, and realize that life is an exquisite adventure. As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Q: What kind of books are you currently reading?

A: I have an eclectic taste in literature. I enjoy re-reading books by classic Spanish authors like Lope de Vega, Garcia Lorca and Borges. Spending time outdoors is also a lifelong interest of mine, so I enjoy books like “Born to Run” and “Into Thin Air.” I also liked “The Kite Runner” and have recently read “Hillbilly Elegy.”

By Héloïse Schep

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