Students perform magic, sing, dance, participate in ‘Couples Game’ during Rockvemberfest variety show (slideshow included)

While Rockvemberfest has traditionally been a lip-sync contest, on Nov. 4, students also sang, read poetry, played piano and did magic. Senior Arvind Krishnan, history teacher Bruce Baird and math teacher Elissa Thomas judged and commented at the end of each act. The top three winners of the show will be announced at morning meeting on Monday, Nov. 7.

After the talent acts, senior emcees Alexa Mathisen and Jaelan Trapp led the “Couples Game,” in which partners answer questions about their significant other for points. This year, in addition to one actual couple, two couples comprised of best friends and last year’s champs competed. Senior Emil Erickson and junior Lea Gorny were the couple; juniors Miles Edwards and Theo Kaufman, as well as history teacher Sue Nellis and Latin teacher Jane Batarseh, were the best friends; and seniors Adam Dean and Natalie Brown were last year’s winners.

Edwards and Kaufman won after several tie-breakers in which audience members offered tricky questions to stump the participants.

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By Sonja Hansen

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