BACK IN MY DAY: Teachers remember how they spent their summers

History teacher Sue Nellis

Sue Nellis, history

I worked for most of the summer at a dry-cleaning business. My dad worked at a dry-cleaning business (called Campus Cleaners, in Glendale, California)  that he eventually bought. So I worked summers there from the time I was 16.

Bruce Baird, history

A friend and I made a wood-strip fiberglass canoe. We took it canoeing on the Buffalo River in Arkansas once we finished it. It was a wild ride because the Buffalo River didn’t have any dams.

Joanne Melinson, librarian

After my senior year, all the seniors and I went to Wildwood, New Jersey, for senior week. It was a tradition at our school. And that’s all I’m saying about that!

English teacher Patricia Fels

Patricia Fels, English

The summer after my sophomore year I took typing and driver’s ed. Then we spent a month in Mexico with another family. At the end of the summer, I went to a journalism workshop in Albuquerque. At that workshop I met a girl who ended up becoming my best friend (and maid of honor at my wedding). I also met a boy who became my college boyfriend for four years at Stanford.

Victoria Conner, science

There was one summer that I joined a traveling carnival. I helped set up and run the rides in addition to hanging out with the carnival people.

Kellie Whited, science

I spent the summer in Europe traveling with my high-school history teacher. We focused mainly on art and theater. It was an amazing experience.

Latin teacher Jane Batarseh

Jane Batarseh, Latin

When I was 15, I went to live with my aunt for a month in San Francisco. She took me to Bodega Bay and let me wear her baby lamb fleece coat. I was forced to go out to dinner with her and drink cocktails.

Patricia Portillo, Spanish

Between junior and senior year, I attended a program at Sacramento State. It was a Latino youth leadership conference. It gave me a chance to connect with bright students who were also interested in college. There weren’t many of those students at my school in Anaheim, so it was a life-changing experience.

Daniel Neukom, history

Between my sophomore and junior year, I had the best summer of my life. I took a summer chemistry class, lost 15 pounds, grew two inches and became cool. I went from playing with electric slot cars to chasing girls and going to weekly YMCA dances.

By Jack Christian

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